Everything necessary for technical and industrial works


Themes represented in the exhibition:

B: construction

Building and construction machinery, equipment and services, related technologies and services. Various buildings and auxiliary buildings. Energy efficiency and heat supply. Work tools. Saunas and equipment.

I: infrastructure

Utility machinery, equipment and services. Road construction equipment, equipment and service. Related technologies and services.

L: agriculture

Tractors and service. Agricultural machinery, equipment and service. Agriculture related technologies and services

T: transport

For work and leisure. Trucks and trailers. Commercial vehicles, SUV’s. Specialized machinery and equipment. Spare parts and service. Fuel and fuel storage solutions.

I: industrial themes

Other industrial machinery, equipment and services, including for warehouses, peat extraction, ports, etc. Related technologies and services.

M: forestry

Forestry machinery and equipment. Forest management, equipment and consultations. Clothing, knives, cameras, winches for hunting. Timberjack demonstrations and competitions, competitions of forest machine operators, demonstrations of arborists.

What to see and do in the exhibition:

Topicalities in one place - find out and choose!

Machinery, transport and equipment for various needs, technologies and services for more productive and efficient work, consultations, solutions for fields and forests, offers for construction and garden, transport for work and leisure, seminars and discussions, and more. Meet more than 220 exhibitors in the exhibition.


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Information about PARTICIPANTS

Useful information for VISITORS

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News about participants and events.

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Program of seminars and discussions - gain valuable knowledge and insights for further work.

Held in Latvian. Learn about industry trends and forecasts, meet industry experts and ask your questions, learn about opportunities provided by associations and cooperatives, and more and more. Seminars are held in Seminar room in the hall.

Consultations - expand your knowledge and get new ideas.

Ask questions to specialists in your field - representatives from ministry,  governmental  and non-governmental organizations, financing and insurance companies, companies that help to improve energy efficiency, and many others.

All the necessary for successful and efficient farming.

  • Machinery and equipment of various sizes and applications, related technologies and services - for large, medium and small farms.
  • Consultations with LAD and VTUA.

All the necessary for construction and infrastructure development.

  • Building and construction machinery, equipment and service, materials, related technologies and services. 
  • Various buildings and auxiliary buildings, including structures for hangars, garages, etc. Construction access equipment.
  • Heat supply and heating solutions, which will be in a very wide range this year. Choose solutions from private homes to large industrial facilities.
  • Also solar panels.
  • Video monitoring and security solutions.
  • Saunas, baths and equipment.

For works in forest and hunting.

  • Logging and chipping machinery, trailers and various equipment.
  • Forest management services, equipment and consulting.
  • Firewood preparation equipment. Woodworking equipment, solutions.
  • Equipment for arborists (for instance, DARITEH).
  • Useful solutions for hunting - clothing, cameras, knives (also handmade by AA KNIVES), various winches (including portable ones from DARITEH), sleds for moving game, solutions for hunting and recreation in nature.

Wide range of commercial vehicle and car brands.

The section of the exhibition dedicated to the theme TRANSPORT will be even wider than before: Commercial vehicles, cars for various needs and tastes, quadricycles, as well as everything related to transport - additional equipment, car anti-theft systems, trailers, spare parts, lubricants and oils, etc.

A wide range of different tools and work clothes.

Various work tools - both for professionals and those who need tools for their own private use. Various brands will be represented at the exhibition. Also choose the necessary work clothes at the exhibition (several brands will be represented).

For other industrial and technical spheres.

  • Technology and solutions for WAREHOUSES - in an even wider range than ever before at exhibitions in the RĀMAVA Business Centre. Lifting and transport equipment, rack systems, etc.
  • A large part of technical and industrial solutions are universal and can be used in various industries, such as tractors, construction solutions, commercial vehicles and passenger cars, warehouse equipment, work tools, etc. Therefore, those who work in other sectors, not only in agriculture, forestry, construction, transport, will definitely find useful solutions at the exhibition. See information about exhibitors by clicking the button below and see you at the Business centre RĀMAVA.
Information about PARTICIPANTS

Competitions and demonstrations.

Evaluate the skills of forestry professionals. Timberjack mastery demonstrations and competitions in various disciplines. Arborists competitions in various disciplines. Venue - outside, in zone E near the TOWER (next to the entrance to the exhibition territory No. 3).

Competitions and demonstrations.

Evaluate the skills of forestry professionals. Forest machine operators mastery demonstrations and competitions in various disciplines. Venue - outside, in the meadow near the TOWER (near the entrance to the exhibition territory No. 3, next to the parking lot).

Beef mini-exhibition.

In cooperation with the Latvian Beef Cattle Breeders Association (in Latvian - Latvijas Gaļas liellopu audzētāju asociāciju, LGLA). Viewable - outside, in zone D.

Breed rabbit exhibition.

In cooperation with Latvian Rabbit Breeders Association (in Latvian - Latvijas Šķirnes trušu audzētāju asociācija, LŠTAA). Viewable - outside, in zone F.

Exhibition of tomatoes and vegetables.

In cooperation with growers NESLINKO. Tomato and vegetable seeds will also be available for purchase. Viewable - in the hall, part B.

Exhibition of apples.

In cooperation with Pūres Horticultural and Experimental Institute (Pūres DIS). It will be possible to taste apples of different varieties, as well as to buy fruit-tree seedlings. Viewable - in the hall, part B.

Seedlings, rural goods and homemade products fair.

Viewable - outside, in zone C. Also visit the special zone of entrepreneurs and homemakers from Ķekava region, and there also learn about tourism opportunities in Ķekava region.

As the exhibition approaches, information about other events during the exhibition will be published here. Follow the news!

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Seminars and discussions

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From 26th to 28th September all roads lead to the Business centre RĀMAVA! See you in the exhibition!

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