Territory map and companies in RĀMAVA

Business centre RĀMAVA is permanent location for us (A.M.L. SIA) and thirty other companies, that have offices, warehouses and outside machinery expositions here. Most of these companies offer solutions for agricultural, forestry and related industries.

Company name
 Location in territory
 Us - SIA A.M.L.
 hall, B side (floor 1 and 2) Contacts
 Us - DARITEH - Laukiem. Dārzam. Mežam.
 hall, B side (floor 1)  www.dariteh.lv
 hall, B side ( floor 2)
 hall, B side (floor 2)  www.adk.lv
 AGP Serviss SIA
 hall, A side (floor 1)  www.agpserviss.lv
 Agrotrac SIA
 building D (floor 1)  www.agrotrac.lv
 Angico SIA
  hall, B side (floor 1)  www.angico.eu
 DeMoro SIA
  building C (floor 2)  
 Delta-Rīga SIA
  hall, A side (floor 2)  
 Dārza tehnikas remontdarbnīca  building E (floor 1)  mob. +371 26524517
 Ekostandarts Tehnoloģijas SIA  hall, B side (floor 2)  www.ekostandarts.lv
 Graintech SIA  hall, B side (floor 1)  www.graintech.lv
 Heta SIA  hall, A side (floor 1)  www.heta.lv
 iAgro SIA
  hall, B side (floor 1)  www.iagro.lv
 Ingteh SIA
  hall, B side (floor 2)  www.ingteh.lv
 JVK projekti SIA
  hall, A side (floor 1)  www.jvkprojekti.com
 Larta-1 SIA
  hall, A side (floor 2)  www.larta.lv
 Latvijas gaļas liellopu audzētāju asociācija
  hall, A side (floor 2)  www.lgla.lv
 Mexa SIA un Meha SIA  building C (floor 2)  www.mexa.lv
  building C (floor 2)  
 Precision Farming SIA un Agricon
  building D (floor 1)  www.agricon.de/lv/
 Radošā darbnīca LM SIA
  hall, A side (floor 2)  www.lm-linen.com
 Repark SIA
  building C (floor 2)  www.repark.lv
 Stendenberga SIA  building C (floor 2)  www.krinner.lv
 Vaderstad SIA
  building D (floor 1)  www.vaderstad.lv
 Valsts tehniskās uzraudzības aģentūra
  building E (floor 1)  www.vtua.gov.lv

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